Tuesday, May 22, 2007

MS Visual FoxPro Database Conversion Tools are now available.

Hello guys!

One day our programming team has focused its attention on MS Visual FoxPro DBMS and possible data conversion between different database platforms and FoxPro. Reviewing this theme we have got the considerable experience in the sphere of FoxPro data conversion and synchronization. Developing our new converters we tried to analyze users’ specific needs and propose possible solutions to their problems. Our developers did their best to solve some problems concerning FoxPro program files conversion, supported FoxPro versions and some others.

We would like to inform you about releases of our new long-awaited converters in Database Converters Product Line. You are welcom to download trial versions of our converters at:

FoxPro2MySQL Pro 1.2.1
FoxPro2MySQL Sync 1.2.1
FoxPro2MSSQL Pro 1.0.2
FoxPro2MSSQL Sync 1.0.2

FoxPro2MySQL Pro and FoxPro2MySQL Sync effective applications allow easily convert and synchronize MS Visual FoxPro databases to MySQL as well as from MySQL to MS Visual FoxPro.

FoxPro2MSSQL Pro and FoxPro2MSSQL Sync are bi-directional database migration products that are possible to synchronize and convert your database from MS Visual FoxPro to MS SQL and from MS SQL to MS Visual FoxPro.

All converters present a number of useful characteristics that improve data processing and increase conversion/synchronization speed.

In both FoxPro2MSSQL versions improved the following error handling:

- Problem with MS FoxPro components solved
FoxPro2MySQL converters have the completed enhancements and improvements that described below:

- Problem MS FoxPro to MS FoxPro conversion solved.
- Problem with saved sessions solved.
- Problem with command line solved.

Please send your comments and suggestions to our new e-mail address esupport@dbconvert.com