Friday, November 16, 2007

DBConvert Hot News!

We are happy to announce that DBConvert and DBSync data conversion and synchronization tools line is updated and new versions of all our products are available for downloading on our site We also want to introduce you to our NEW first-time released conversion tools:

- DBConvert for MS SQL & PostgreSQL
- DBSync for MS SQL & PostgreSQL
- DBConvert for MS Access & MS FoxPro
- DBSync for MS Access & MS FoxPro

DBConvert for MS SQL & PostgreSQL)is a reliable bi-directional database migration tool which allows you to convert from:
-> MS SQL to PostgreSQL
-> PostgreSQL to MS SQL
-> PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL
-> PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL Dump
-> MS SQL to MS SQL Dump
-> PostgreSQL to MS SQL Dump
-> MS SQL to PostgreSQL Dump
-> MS SQL to PHP Script
-> PostgreSQL to PHP Script

DBSync for MS SQL & PostgreSQL synchronizer is intended for synchronization and conversion MS SQL and PostgreSQL databases.Please find more info about this tool at:

DBConvert for MS Access & MS FoxPro tool is designed for conversion from:
-> MS Access to MS FoxPro
-> MS Access to MS Access
-> MS Access to MS FoxPro Program
-> MS FoxPro to MS Access
-> MS FoxPro to MS FoxPro
-> MS FoxPro to MS FoxPro Program

DBSync for MS Access & MS FoxPro tool allows you to synchronize and convert MS Access and MS FoxPro databases. Read more about synchronizer's features at:

What’s new in the latest DBConvert products’ versions:

* SSH support (for PostgreSQL and MySQL related products)
* Multilanguage GUI mode

For data protection during conversion or synchronization process you can open SSH tunnel for secure communication between remote computers using data encryption.

DBConvert products support interactive multilingual GUI in English, German, French and Russian. With the help of our valuable users we enlarged the range of supported languages with Italian, Spanish, Greek and Danish. We hope that new languages make our program GUI more understandable and closer to your needs.

In case you are still not sure what tool to choose for your database coversion let's read comments of Microsoft Valued Professional Joao Livio who tested our tool.

Our DBConvert team welcomes your suggestions for improving our tools. Please e-mail us to if you have any idea for a new feature or enhancement.

Friday, November 02, 2007

DBConvert site is now available for German-speaking readers!!!

Good day, dear reader.

We are thrilled to announce that our site devoted to conversion and synchronization tools has been translated to German language and published in addition to English! Now native Germans and all people speaking in German can visit site edition where key articles about preferences of converters using is comprehensively presented in native language.

This great translation work have been done thanks to our valued partners Gerald Grunauer and Patrik Brugger. On behalf of our users we say: Thanks a lot!

We hope you'll enjoy reading our articles on DBConvert site in German.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please e-mail them to