Thursday, July 20, 2006

We are glad to announce an updated Data Conversions Scheduler v.2.0.0 release!

Renewed Data-Conversions (DC) Scheduler is designed for scheduling tasks and gives you an opportunity to assign daily, weekly, monthly and yearly recurring settings. Developing DC Scheduler v.2.0.0 we tried to foresee all variants of automated job running you possibly need. At the moment It allows performing jobs and commands execution periodically at a specific time.
So now it is easy to configure necessary time/date and recurring settings through convenient wizard-like user interface.

Here is the full list of our updated task planner’s features:
*Supports scheduling of all converters of Data-Conversions Product Line.
*Supports scheduling of other applications, including shell-commands (cmd).
*Allows collecting of tasks into jobs.
*Arrange task execution simultaneously/sequentially in a job.
*Processing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reoccurrence with a lot of customizations.
*Allows executing reoccurrences in a specified time interval during the day.
*Has interactive task and job control.
*Displays operation details for Data-Conversions applications.
*Has a user-friendly interface with an intuitive Wizard that provides an organized view of the scheduled tasks and a convenient point of access for managing jobs and tasks.
*Skins support.

All products from Data Conversions Line were updated due to new DC Scheduler support. Obsolete scheduler was removed from converters' install packages and at the moment is considered to be not built-in. So to obtain FREE enhanced DC Scheduler you can download it from our site at:

Please, find more info about DC Scheduler on our site at:

We encourage you to try FREE Data Conversions Scheduler.
All your feedbacks are highly appreciated.
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