Monday, September 10, 2007

DBConvert Product Line is rebranded and released!

- We are happy to announce our great releases of rebranded tools from DBConvert Product Line. Now our converters and synchronizers have new names DBConvert (former PRO versions) and DBSync(former Sync versions), fresh design and a series of internal improvements. We want to introduce a number of rebranding features included in this release:

* Advances command line processing
* Data filters support
* Drop-synchronization (for synchronizers)

One of the most important features requested by our valued customers is integration of data filters that allow users to specify filtering criteria for conversion. Filters give you more control on data migration process.

Another innovation applied to all conversion tools is advanced command line handling. You can track each program step getting operation status during conversion process in command line mode.

Drop-synchronization is integrated in DBSync series allowing users to delete records from destination database if these records are not presented (were deleted) in source.

You are welcome to try our rebranded products at:

We hope that you will be pleased to work with our DBConvert products which have new looks, names and better conversion performance.

- Also we are glad to represent our absolutely new conversion tools DBForms from MS Access to PHP & PostgreSQL and coming soon DBConvert and DBSync for MS Access and MS FoxPro.

DBForms from MS Access to PHP & PostgreSQL is an efficient converter designed in addition to DBForms from MS Access to PHP & MySQL for migration MS Access forms to web page on the base of PostgreSQL server. Our conversion solution performs accurate and rapid MS Access database replication to PostgreSQL database with generating php files for presentation Access forms as web pages.

You can test DBForms from MS Access to PHP & PostgreSQL before buying. Please download trial version at:

DBConvert for MS Access and MS FoxPro is a tool designed for conversion MS Access databases to MS FoxPro and vice versa. It is easy, rapid and effective.

DBSync for MS Access and MS FoxPro is designed for bi-directional synchronization of MS Access and MS FoxPro databases. Add, update and drop synchronization will help you to keep your databases up-to-date.

Feel free to contact us via e-mail to share your opinion about our new rebranded tools. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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